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Classes Meeting September 23-29

WednesdaySep 23, 2020

 ClassClass TimeInstructorAgesFee 
Beginning Leaps and Twirls (In-Studio)4:30-5:15pmJesse H$21.00
Beginning Leaps and Twirls (Zoom)4:30-5:15pmJesse H$14.00
Jr Tap 1 Accelerated (In-Studio)4:30-5:15pmPhyllis W$21.00
Jr Tap 1 Accelerated (Zoom)4:30-5:15pmPhyllis W$14.00
 Ballet 5 (In-Studio)4:45-6:00pmStacy K$24.00 
Ballet 5 (Zoom)4:45-6:00pmStacy K$18.00
Ballet 3B (In-Studio)5:15-6:15pmSamantha R$21.00
Ballet 3B (Zoom)5:15-6:15pmSamantha R$16.00
Jr Hip-Hop 2 (In-Studio)5:15-6:15pmBeth W$21.00
Jr Hip-Hop 2 (Zoom)5:15-6:15pmBeth W$16.00
Jr Tap 2 (In-Studio)5:15-6:00pmPhyllis W$21.00
Jr Tap 2 (Zoom)5:15-6:00pmPhyllis W$14.00
Pointe Prep B/Pointe C (In-Studio)6:00-7:00pmStacy K$21.00
Pointe Prep B/Pointe C (Zoom)6:00-7:00pmStacy K$16.00
Jr Lyrical A (In-Studio)6:15-7:15pmBeth W$21.00
Jr Lyrical A (Zoom)6:15-7:15pmBeth W$16.00
Jr Modern 1/2 (In-Studio)6:15-7:00pmJesse H$21.00
Jr Modern 1/2 (Zoom)6:15-7:00pmJesse H$14.00
 Mommy and Me Ballet (In-Studio)6:15-6:45pmSamantha R1.7 - 2.7$21.00 
Mommy and Me Ballet (Zoom)6:15-6:45pmSamantha R1.7 - 2.7$12.00
Ballet 6 (Zoom)7:00-8:15pmStacy K$18.00
Sr Jazz 5 (In-Studio)7:00-8:15pmJesse H$24.00
Sr Jazz 5 (Zoom)7:00-8:15pmJesse H$18.00
Jr Jazz 4 (In-Studio)7:15-8:15pmBeth W$21.00
Jr Jazz 4 (Zoom)7:15-8:15pmBeth W$16.00
Jr Leaps and Turns (In-Studio)8:15-9:00pmBeth W$21.00
Jr Leaps and Turns (Zoom)8:15-9:00pmBeth W$14.00
Pointe C-D (In-Studio)8:15-9:15pmStacy K$21.00
Pointe C-D (Zoom)8:15-9:15pmStacy K$16.00

ThursdaySep 24, 2020

 ClassClass TimeInstructorAgesFee 
Jr Jazz 5/6 (In-Studio)4:30-5:30pmJulie C$21.00
Jr Jazz 5/6 (Zoom)4:30-5:30pmJulie C$16.00
Triple Threat 2 (In-Studio)4:30-5:30pmTiffany S8 - 13$21.00
Triple Threat 2 (Zoom)4:30-5:30pmTiffany S8 - 13$16.00
Ballet 7 (In-Studio)5:00-6:30pmVictoria B$26.00
Ballet 7 (Zoom)5:00-6:30pmVictoria B$20.00
Jr Jazz 1 (In-Studio)5:30-6:15pmAlex L7 - 9$21.00
Jr Jazz 1 (Zoom)5:30-6:15pmAlex L7 - 9$14.00
Jr Jazz 3A (Zoom)5:30-6:30pmChristina B$16.00
Jr Hip-Hop 1 (In-Studio)5:45-6:30pmJillian G8 - 13$21.00
Jr Hip-Hop 1 (Zoom)5:45-6:30pmJillian G8 - 13$14.00
Ballet 4 (In-Studio)6:30-7:45pmVictoria B$24.00
Ballet 4 (Zoom)6:30-7:45pmVictoria B$18.00
Jr Hip-Hop 4 (In-Studio)6:30-7:30pmJillian G$21.00
Jr Hip-Hop 4 (Zoom)6:30-7:30pmJillian G$16.00
Jr Tap 3-4 (In-Studio)6:30-7:30pmJulie C$21.00
Jr Tap 3-4 (Zoom)6:30-7:30pmJulie C$16.00
Sr Contemporary Lyrical (Zoom)6:30-7:30pmChristina B$16.00
 Beginning Lyrical (In-Studio)7:30-8:15pmAlex L$21.00 
Beginning Lyrical (Zoom)7:30-8:15pmAlex L$14.00
Broadway Dance 3 (Zoom)7:30-8:30pmJillian G$16.00
Sr Jazz 3 (In-Studio)7:30-8:30pmChristina B$21.00
Sr Jazz 3 (Zoom)7:30-8:30pmChristina B$16.00
Sr Tap (In-Studio)7:30-8:30pmJulie C14+$21.00
Sr Tap (Zoom)7:30-8:30pmJulie C14+$16.00
Adult Ballet 3-4 (In-Studio)7:45-9:00pmVictoria B16+$24.00
Adult Ballet 3-4 (Zoom)7:45-9:00pmVictoria B16+$18.00
Sr Leaps and Turns (In-Studio)8:30-9:30pmAlex L$21.00
Sr Leaps and Turns (Zoom)8:30-9:30pmAlex L$16.00

FridaySep 25, 2020

 ClassClass TimeInstructorAgesFee 
Jr Jazz 3A (In-Studio)4:15-5:15pmAlex L$21.00
Jr Jazz 3A (Zoom)4:15-5:15pmAlex L$16.00
Character 2 (In-Studio)4:30-5:15pmOlga C$21.00
Character 2 (Zoom)4:30-5:15pmOlga C$14.00
Sr Hip-Hop 1-2 (In-Studio)4:45-5:30pmBuzzy B15+$21.00
Sr Hip-Hop 1-2 (Zoom)4:45-5:30pmBuzzy B15+$14.00
Ballet 3B (In-Studio)5:15-6:15pmAlex L$21.00
Ballet 3B (Zoom)5:15-6:15pmAlex L$16.00
Ballet 4-6 (In-Studio)5:15-6:30pmOlga C$24.00
Ballet 4-6 (Zoom)5:15-6:30pmOlga C$18.00
Boys Dance Fusion 1 (In-Studio)6:15-7:00pmAnna L6 - 15$21.00
Boys Dance Fusion 1 (Zoom)6:15-7:00pmAnna L6 - 15$14.00
Pointe Prep A (In-Studio)6:15-7:30pmAlex L$24.00
Pointe Prep A (Zoom)6:15-7:30pmAlex L$18.00
Pointe Prep B/Pointe C-D (In-Studio)6:30-7:30pmOlga C$21.00
Pointe Prep B/Pointe C-D (Zoom)6:30-7:30pmOlga C$16.00
Sr Hip-Hop 3 (In-Studio)6:30-7:15pmBuzzy B$21.00
Sr Hip-Hop 3 (Zoom)6:30-7:15pmBuzzy B$14.00

SaturdaySep 26, 2020

 ClassClass TimeInstructorAgesFee 
Adventure Movers (In-Studio)9:00-9:30amTara J3 - 5$21.00
Adventure Movers (Zoom)9:00-9:30amTara J3 - 5$12.00
Ballet 1 Accelerated (In-Studio)9:00-10:00amSamantha R$21.00
Ballet 1 Accelerated (Zoom)9:00-10:00amSamantha R$16.00
Character 1 (In-Studio)9:00-9:45amOlga C$21.00
Character 1 (Zoom)9:00-9:45amOlga C$14.00
Kinder Ballet (In-Studio)9:00-9:45amJillian G5$21.00
Kinder Ballet (Zoom)9:00-9:45amJillian G5$14.00
Pre-Ballet 1 (In-Studio)9:30-10:00amTara J3$21.00
Pre-Ballet 1 (Zoom)9:30-10:00amTara J3$12.00
Ballet 4 (In-Studio)9:45-11:00amOlga C$24.00
Ballet 4 (Zoom)9:45-11:00amOlga C$18.00
Kinder Hop (In-Studio)9:45-10:15amJillian G5$21.00
Kinder Hop (Zoom)9:45-10:15amJillian G5$12.00
Ballet 3A (In-Studio)10:00-11:00amSamantha R$21.00
Ballet 3A (Zoom)10:00-11:00amSamantha R$16.00
Ballet 3B (In-Studio)10:00-11:00amStacy K$21.00
Ballet 3B (Zoom)10:00-11:00amStacy K$16.00
Mommy and Me Ballet (In-Studio)10:00-10:30amTara J1.7 - 2.7$21.00
Mommy and Me Ballet (Zoom)10:00-10:30amTara J1.7 - 2.7$12.00
Elementary Hip-Hop (In-Studio)10:15-11:00amJillian G6 - 7$21.00
Elementary Hip-Hop (Zoom)10:15-11:00amJillian G6 - 7$14.00
 Pre-Ballet 2 (In-Studio)10:30-11:15amTara J4$21.00 
Pre-Ballet 2 (Zoom)10:30-11:15amTara J4$14.00
Character 3 (In-Studio)11:00am - 12:00pmOlga C$21.00
Character 3 (Zoom)11:00am - 12:00pmOlga C$16.00
Happy Tappy Feet (In-Studio)11:30am - 12:00pmAnna L4$21.00
Happy Tappy Feet (Zoom)11:30am - 12:00pmAnna L4$12.00
Triple Threat 1 (In-Studio)11:45am - 12:30pmTara J5 - 7$21.00
Triple Threat 1 (Zoom)11:45am - 12:30pmTara J5 - 7$14.00
Ballet 5 (In-Studio)12:00-1:15pmOlga C$24.00
Ballet 5 (Zoom)12:00-1:15pmOlga C$18.00
Ballet 6 (In-Studio)12:00-1:30pmStacy K$26.00
Ballet 6 (Zoom)12:00-1:30pmStacy K$20.00
Jr Jazz 1 (In-Studio)12:00-12:45pmAnna L7 - 9$21.00
Jr Jazz 1 (Zoom)12:00-12:45pmAnna L7 - 9$14.00
Jr Jazz 3B (Zoom)12:15-1:15pmEmily Sok$16.00
Ballet 2B (In-Studio)12:30-1:30pmSamantha R$21.00
Ballet 2B (Zoom)12:30-1:30pmSamantha R$16.00
Ballet 2A (In-Studio)1:30-2:30pmAnna L$21.00
Ballet 2A (Zoom)1:30-2:30pmAnna L$16.00
Broadway Dance 1 (In-Studio)1:30-2:15pmSamantha R8 - 13$21.00
Broadway Dance 1 (Zoom)1:30-2:15pmSamantha R8 - 13$14.00
Ballet 7-8 (Zoom)2:30-4:00pmStacy K$20.00
Basic Tap (In-Studio)2:30-3:15pmAnna L10 - 15$21.00
Basic Tap (Zoom)2:30-3:15pmAnna L10 - 15$14.00
Pointe Prep A (In-Studio)2:30-3:45pmOlga C$24.00
Pointe Prep A (Zoom)2:30-3:45pmOlga C$18.00
Basic Jazz (In-Studio)3:15-4:00pmAnna L11 - 15$21.00
Basic Jazz (Zoom)3:15-4:00pmAnna L11 - 15$14.00

SundaySep 27, 2020

 ClassClass TimeInstructorAgesFee 
Ballet 4-5 (In-Studio)12:00-1:30pmOlga C$26.00
Ballet 4-5 (Zoom)12:00-1:30pmOlga C$20.00
Ballet 6-8 (Zoom)12:00-1:30pmGreg B$20.00

MondaySep 28, 2020

 ClassClass TimeInstructorAgesFee 
Jr Tap 5-6 + Sr Tap (In-Studio)4:15-5:00pmJulie C$21.00
Jr Tap 5-6 + Sr Tap (Zoom)4:15-5:00pmJulie C$14.00
Pointe Prep A (Zoom)4:15-5:30pmStacy K$18.00
Jr Jazz 2 (Zoom)4:30-5:30pmJesse H$16.00
Kinder Ballet (In-Studio)4:45-5:30pmSamantha R5$21.00
Kinder Ballet (Zoom)4:45-5:30pmSamantha R5$14.00
Ballet 2B (In-Studio)5:30-6:30pmSamantha R$21.00
Ballet 2B (Zoom)5:30-6:30pmSamantha R$16.00
Ballet 4 (In-Studio)5:30-6:45pmStacy K$24.00
Ballet 4 (Zoom)5:30-6:45pmStacy K$18.00
Jr Lyrical B (In-Studio)5:30-6:30pmJesse H$21.00
Jr Lyrical B (Zoom)5:30-6:30pmJesse H$16.00
Sr Lyrical (In-Studio)6:00-7:00pmJulie C$21.00
Sr Lyrical (Zoom)6:00-7:00pmJulie C$16.00
Boys Dance Fusion 2 (In-Studio)6:30-7:30pmJesse H$21.00
Boys Dance Fusion 2 (Zoom)6:30-7:30pmJesse H$16.00
 Broadway Dance 1 (In-Studio)6:30-7:15pmSamantha R8 - 13$21.00 
Broadway Dance 1 (Zoom)6:30-7:15pmSamantha R8 - 13$14.00
Intro to Modern (In-Studio)6:30-7:15pmAlex L8 - 15$21.00
Intro to Modern (Zoom)6:30-7:15pmAlex L8 - 15$14.00
Ballet 8 with Pointe (In-Studio)7:00-8:30pmStacy K$26.00
 Ballet 8 with Pointe (Zoom)7:00-8:30pmStacy K$20.00 
Basic Ballet (In-Studio)7:15-8:15pmSamantha R10 - 15$21.00
Basic Ballet (Zoom)7:15-8:15pmSamantha R10 - 15$16.00
Beginning Lyrical (In-Studio)7:15-8:00pmAlex L$21.00
Beginning Lyrical (Zoom)7:15-8:00pmAlex L$14.00
Int, Adv/Int Modern (Zoom)7:45-8:45pmJesse H$16.00

TuesdaySep 29, 2020

 ClassClass TimeInstructorAgesFee 
Ballet 3A (In-Studio)4:30-5:30pmSamantha R$21.00
Ballet 3A (Zoom)4:30-5:30pmSamantha R$16.00
 Advanced Modern (In-Studio)5:30-6:30pmJesse H$21.00 
Advanced Modern (Zoom)5:30-6:30pmJesse H$16.00
Ballet 2A (In-Studio)5:30-6:30pmSamantha R$21.00
Ballet 2A (Zoom)5:30-6:30pmSamantha R$16.00
Jr Hip-Hop 3 (In-Studio)5:30-6:30pmJillian G$21.00
Jr Hip-Hop 3 (Zoom)5:30-6:30pmJillian G$16.00
Pointe Prep B/Pointe C (In-Studio)5:30-6:30pmStacy K$21.00
Pointe Prep B/Pointe C (Zoom)5:30-6:30pmStacy K$16.00
Foot & Ankle Conditioning (In-Studio)6:30-7:15pmSamantha R$21.00
Foot & Ankle Conditioning (Zoom)6:30-7:15pmSamantha R$14.00
Jr Hip-Hop 1 Accelerated (In-Studio)6:30-7:15pmJillian G$21.00
Jr Hip-Hop 1 Accelerated (Zoom)6:30-7:15pmJillian G$14.00
Jr Modern 2 (In-Studio)6:30-7:30pmJesse H$21.00
Jr Modern 2 (Zoom)6:30-7:30pmJesse H$16.00
 Pointe D-F (In-Studio)6:30-7:30pmStacy K$21.00 
Pointe D-F (Zoom)6:30-7:30pmStacy K$16.00
Adult Ballet 1-2 (In-Studio)7:30-8:30pmStacy K16+$21.00
Adult Ballet 1-2 (Zoom)7:30-8:30pmStacy K16+$16.00
Broadway Dance 2 (Zoom)7:30-8:30pmJillian G$16.00
Broadway Dance 4 (In-Studio)7:30-8:30pmSamantha R$21.00
Broadway Dance 4 (Zoom)7:30-8:30pmSamantha R$16.00
Sr Jazz 4 (In-Studio)7:30-8:30pmJesse H$21.00
Sr Jazz 4 (Zoom)7:30-8:30pmJesse H$16.00
Sr Jazz 1-2 (In-Studio)8:30-9:30pmBeth W15+$21.00
Sr Jazz 1-2 (Zoom)8:30-9:30pmBeth W15+$16.00

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